Friday, April 17, 2009


tag dari eda melben..tq once again.. cherry lip balm dude!!ngeh.ngeh..

You're cherry lip balm!

You're as likable as you are lickable. Your personality is a fresh bowl of cherries on a summer afternoon, so dewy and delicious that everyone reaches out for more. You don't need gobs of makeup or revealing clothes to feel flirty. On you, even clear lip balm looks downright seductive... especially if you apply it very slowly while people are watching. You radiate natural hotness, and everyone who sees you knows you'd taste good to kiss.

pewittttttttttttt..i like this quiz!!!!


MUMMY ILA said...

i want kiss you babe...

♥ Eda ♥ said...

ala...aku nak cherry...nape aku dpt leomenade..tak bech!tak seksi..huhuhu